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Information about Antisocial Britain


About Antisocial Britain


Firstly, before you start with “Oh that poor man, he’s mentally ill you know, think of his family, he’s someones son and brother blah blah blah ”

All Videos and photographs are of antisocial people, who through their own lifestyle choices, have got in to this state and allowed themselves to be filmed misbehaving in public.

Were not here to protect these mentally ill drug users, alcoholics, prostitutes, homeless and bullies on the street, or their family’s, as they have a multitude of agency's available for them.

Were here to protect the innocent hard working decent members of the public and their children, who have to wind their way through them, or cross the road to avoid them and who have no one other than us, to help and support them.


Who are we?

Antisocial Britain Website, Facebook News and media page, are an offshoot of the  Spiceheads website and the Spiceheads Facebook pages and news group.

Together we are working to try to provide Information, help and advice to the public, about the devastating effects of Antisocial Behaviour and the affect it is having on not just our community, but across our  country.

Unlike the Spiceheads pages, we don’t not just show videos of people drinking, begging and taking drugs in public, we also show other types of antisocial behaviour, such as road rage, domestic violence, nuisance neighbours  and prostitution along with a selection of public information videos.

As part of our mission is to stop people committing Antisocial Behaviour in public, we expect many people to express their concerns and points of view, most of which is just banter, although some of comments may be very strong.

Antisocial Britain Website, News and media Facebook page and group do not endorses, or encourage any threat of violence, intimidation or bullying against anyone that’s filmed and sent material in to us, the people featured in our photographs or videos, or the admin team.

Any such credible threat, be it direct or indirect will be reported to the Police and/or Facebook.


What is Antisocial Behaviour?
Antisocial Behaviour may be overt, involving aggressive actions against siblings, peers, parents, teachers, or other adults, such as verbal abuse, bullying and hitting.

It can also be covert, involving aggressive actions against property, such as theft, vandalism, or arson.

Covert antisocial behaviors in early childhood may include noncompliance, sneaking, lying, or secretly destroying another's property. Antisocial behaviors also include drug and alcohol abuse and high-risk activities involving self and others.

What can you do about it?
As a person who is suffering antisocial behaviour you can ask your local authority, or the police or you can can get a civil injunction, Community Protection Notice (CPN) or Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) as punishment for antisocial behaviour.

Civil injunctions, CPNs and CBOs replaced Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. ASBOs are still used in Scotland.

A court may give you a civil injunction or a CPN if it gets reports of persistent antisocial behaviour from the police, a council or a landlord. You can only get a CBO if you’ve been convicted of a crime.

The punishment for none complacence?
The punishment for not following your civil injunction is: a 3 month detention order if you’re under 18, up to 2 years’ imprisonment or unlimited fine if you’re 18 or over.

The punishment for not following your CPN is a fine between £100 and £2,500.

The punishment for not following your CBO of up to 2 years in a detention centre if you’re under 18 and up to 5 years in prison or an unlimited fine (or both) if you’re 18 or over.


Our Videos, Photographs and Posts
I’m Sorry that some of our videos and photographs are so shocking, but we need to protect our citizens, in particular our family's and children from the affects of this terrible situation.

Since the dawn of time, some people have abused their fellow man, drank alcohol, taken drugs, prostituted themselves and been generally antisocial, both at home and in public. However the drug taking has almost always been in the privacy of their own homes, behind and closed doors.

We fully understand that some people that take drugs are homeless and have mental health and other issues, but this is no excuse for drinking, smoking drugs, prostituting yourself and fighting in public and losing control of yourself, grouching, falling around, threatening others and collapsing in the street, in front of decent, honest hard working members of the public and Children.

All our Videos & Photographs are: Posted in the public interest, by Antisocial Britain, to educate the world about all aspects of antisocial behaviour in our towns and city’s.

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