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Our Credible Threats Policy


Credible Threats Policy


As part of our mission to protect the public against people begging, taking drugs and antisocial behavior in public, we expect that some people may express their concerns with anger and disgust towards those photographed, filmed and/or posted on our website and Facebook pages and group.

Some personal points of views and comments may be very strong and offensive, however we believe that most of this is just banter, which one would expect from the subject matter.

Antisocial Behavior website, Facebook Pages and Groups do not endorse, or encourage any credible threats of violence, intimidation or bullying against anyone that’s (filmed or sent material in to us), (the people featured in our photographs or videos), (the admin team), and/or (any of our followers)

Any such credible threat, be it direct or indirect that the admin team consider  to be beyond banter, will be reported to the Police and/or Facebook.

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